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Francesca Quint

| Call 1970

Profile: Property

Experience and Expertise

Francesca Quint has specialist knowledge and experience in relation to property transactions and mortgages involving charities, their associated trading companies and others and frequently advises on the best way of setting up such transactions. This may be for example in order to obtain the maximum value on the disposal of charity land, to facilitate aelopment for charitable use as safely and economically as possible or to enable a lender to ensure it obtains adequate security for a major loan. Many of the transactions on which she advises are of high value and of particular complexity or novelty, some being affected by the statutory restrictions on dispositions and mortgages and others being governed by the general law.

Francesca’s special knowledge of charities also makes her particularly suited to advising on property problems affecting clubs and associations which are not necessarily charities but which often share some of their characteristics and preferences.

Francesca Quint
"Responsive, succinct and persuasive."

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