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Natalie Brown

| Call 2009

Profile: Mediation and Arbitration

Experience and Expertise

Mediation is a growing forum for dispute resolution and Natalie has benefited from early practical exposure to it. She is able to identify cases well suited to mediation as well as those where it is unlikely to prove fruitful.

It is essential that a lay client enters mediation fully appraised of the range of outcomes possible at trial and with a clear and realistic idea of what can be achieved. Natalie can assist in conference or in writing with laying this groundwork, whether or not she is retained to attend the mediation itself.

In representing clients at mediation, Natalie can help them to understand the impact of any new points being raised and rigorously analyse the proposals received against likely outcomes at trial. In advising on what offers to make Natalie will ensure that a client appreciates the need for counter-offers to be realistically appealing to the opponent, as well as suggest innovative approaches to disputes which are not purely financial.

Although she has as yet no independent experience of arbitration, she is happy to accept instructions to advise on the applicability of arbitration agreements and to appear before arbitrators.

Natalie Brown
"bright, efficient and approachable"

Instructing Solicitor