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Building Societies, Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies

The law relating to building societies, friendly societies and industrial and provident societies is an area of specialist expertise which is long associated with Radcliffe Chambers. The leading textbook on building society law, Wurtzburg and Mills, is edited by three of our members. Members of Chambers have also acted as contributing editors to the section on Mutual Institutions in the current (fifth) edition of Halsbury’s Laws of England: http://lexisweb.co.uk/guides/sources/halsbury-s-laws-of-england and the section on Friendly Societies in the preceding (fourth) edition of Halsbury’s Laws of England (2007 reissue)

Our members provide advisory and drafting services on constitutional issues affecting mutual institutions, including powers, members’ rights, meetings, rule changes, management, conversions, mergers, transfers of business, the special resolution regime and insolvency. We also provide representation in court proceedings, tribunals and FSA confirmation hearings.