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Members of Chambers edit or contribute to a number of leading textbooks. They also write articles for relevant legal journals, with recent examples as follows:

Unbending the Insolvency Rules 2016 - part 2

Andrew Brown demystifies the new Insolvency Rules which came into effect on 6 April 2017 in an article for industry body, R3. In part 2, Andrew provides a review of deemed consent and


Josh Lewison writes on Cayman Beneficial Ownership Register

On 1st July 2017, the Cayman Islands’ implementation of the beneficial ownership register comes into effect. The scheme is closely based on the UK PSC Register, although it has some important differences. Josh Lewison has extensive experience of the PSC Register, particularly in relation


Pension trustees and the exercise of discretionary powers (British Airways v Airways Pension Scheme Trustee Ltd)

In a recent article for LexisNexis, Henry Day discusses what lessons can be learned by trustees of pension schemes from the recent decision in British Airways v


Unbending the insolvency rules 2016

Andrew Brown demystifies the new Insolvency Rules which came into effect on 6 April 2017 in an article for industry body, R3.  Andrew outlines some of the main changes and considerations especially as it relates to insolvency practitioners.


Putting assets on ice

In a recent article for R3’s Recovery magazine, Tina Kyriakides discusses freezing orders and explains what you may derive from them, the limitations and the salient details.


Who can sue on behalf of someone who's died?

Justin Holmes examines whether proceedings on behalf of an estate commenced by a person who later gets a grant of letter of administration can be cured or are a nullity.


Obtaining interest at 10% over base - how is that possible?

The Bank of England’s base rate is 0.25% and high street bank accounts pay little more, so how can interest of 10% over base be achieved? The answer is to be found in CPR Part 36.17(4) and the


Bonds, difficult issues of interpretation, and the role of the trustee

In a recent Butterworths Journal of International Banking & Financial Law article, Jeremy Cousins QC looks at the surprising extent to which the Supreme Court was prepared, in BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Ltd v LBG Capital No 1 plc and another [2016] Bus LR 725,  to take into account commercial background (including


Spencer Bower: Reliance-Based Estoppel – 5th edition now available

Spencer Bower on Reliance-Based Estoppel, previously titled Estoppel by Representation, is the oldest leading textbook on the doctrines of reliance-based estoppel, by which a party is prevented from changing his position if he has induced another to rely on it such that the other will suffer by that change.

Radcliffe Chambers barristers Piers Feltham, Peter Crampin QC and Josh Winfield have co-written and revised this new edition, alongside Tom Leech QC of Herbert Smith Freehills and


Wellbeing at the bar

Counsel Magazine have published our CEO, Fiona Fitzgerald’s views on the subject of health and wellbeing at the bar in their latest publication.  To read her views

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